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CPE Lyon

Ecole Superieure De Chimie Physique Electronique de Lyon

Domaine Scientifique de la Doua 43, boulevard du 11 novembre 1918 Bâtiment Hubert Curien B.P. 82077 F-69616 VILLEURBANNE Cédex FRANCE

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Programs and Courses in English

No courses in English – Courses are taught in French only

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In French:

  • Engineer diploma (undergraduate)
  • Chemical Engineering (Graduate)
  • Digital Sciences (Graduate)
Academic Calendar

1st semester:
from September 9, 11 and 22, 2014 to January 23, 2015

2nd semester:
from February 2nd, 2015 to June 19 or 30, 2015

Summer Schools

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Language Courses

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