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Education in Indonesia

Photo by Australian Embassy Jakarta photo

Indonesia is not a major study destination for international students. The country has the lowest inbound mobility ratio (0.07 percent) of all ASEAN countries for which data are available.6 Since its higher education sector is relatively underdeveloped, it doesn’t have institutions of global reputation, nor does it have capacity to provide for its own domestic student population, let alone foreign students. With many prestigious and highly ranked universities located in other Asian countries nearby, regional students looking for high-quality overseas education are unlikely to turn to Indonesia. As a result, Indonesia hosted only 5,878 international degree students in 2017 despite its size. More than 50 percent were from neighboring Malaysia (1,500 students) and Timor-Leste (1,302). Thailand, India, and China are other larger sending countries with 804, 674, and 431 students, respectively, in 2017, per the UIS.