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Ge4 network comprises over 40 engineering and business universities worldwide. Since more than 20 years, we have been connecting excellent students with the best universities and providing the opportunity for their sustainable professional and personal development. Our mission is to help young engineers and managers to build a strong base for their future professional career and in that way contribute in constant striving of the world to attain excelence in engineering and science.


How you can get involved

Step 1
Please communicate with the Office of International Relations of your university in order to find the Ge4 contact person.
Step 2
The Ge4 contact person will provide you the details about application process (via e-mail or directly at your institution).

Please Remember...

Ge4 only accepts applications of students nominated by their home institution, so you need to submit all materials directly to your home Coordinator, you can not apply directly to Ge4.

You can find more details about member universities and their student exchange programs on the universities page.

Don‘t miss the opportunity to develop new skills, grow your profesional network and increase your employability. Join Ge4 student exchange progam and become a part of a global engineering network!